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Product ID: H-6700series
4/8/12/16/32 Channel Digital Infrared Language Distribution System
4/8/12/16/32 Channel Digital Infrared Language Distribution System
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  • H-6700M Digital IR Transmitter Unit

    ◆ Full digital wireless transmisson technology, system conforms to IEC61603, part 7
    ◆ 2-8MHz frequency band eliminates disturbance from all types of lighgting system
    ◆ The system main transmitter provides multi-channel (4/8/12/16) for option (3/7/11/15 foreign language + 1 original/floor language)
    ◆ Infrared radiator, reciver and interpretor console support 4/8/12/16/32 channels transmission
    ◆ Powerful compression techniques enable efficient, low-loss transmission
    ◆ High security, prebent external interference
    ◆ Elegant configuration in accordance to ergonomics
  • Technical Parameter

    Item Parameter
    Modulation Frenquency Synthesis  Carriers 0 to5: 2 to 6 MHz, according to IEC 61603 part 7, Carriers 6 and 7: up to 8MHz
    Protocol and Modulation  DQPSK, according to IEC technique 61603 part 7
    Audio Frenquency Response  20Hz-10kHz (-3dB) at standard quality
    Total harmonic distortion at 1 kHz  <0.05%
    Crosstalk attenuation at 1 kHz  >80dB
    Dynamic range  >80dB
    Channel Separation  >80dB
    Weighted signal-to noise ratio  >80dB(A)
    Power consumption  Operating:100W; Standby: 25W
    Asymmetrical audio inputs  +3 dBV nominal, +6dBV maximum(±6dB)
    HF output  1 Vpp, 6VDC, 50Ohm
    Interpreter console connector interface  12P-DIN
    Audio input  RCA x16
    Audio output  RCA x16
    HF output connector interface  TNC x 4
    Operating temperature range  0-40 degree
    Power supply  AC110V-200V ~ 50Hz-60Hz
    Dimensions  485×355×90mm
    Net Weight  8kg
    Mounting  19” rack mounting

  • H-6700S Digital IR Radiator

    IR Radiator

    ◆ Radiates & distributes up to 32 channels of audio signal
    ◆ Transmission distance can be more than 30 meters (25W)
    ◆ Auto switched on/off by carrier signals from transmitter unit
    ◆ Convection cooled for noiseless, reliable operation
    ◆ Mounted on ceiling, wall, floor stand or optional tripod
    ◆ Easily daisy-chained together to expand coverage
    ◆ Delay compensation switch two compensate for difference in cable lengths between transmitter and radiators
    ◆ Angle of half radiator angle: ±22°

  • Technical Parameter

    Item Parameter
    HF input Nominal 1 Vpp, minimum 10mVpp
    Angle of half intensity ±22°
    Total optical peak intensity 24 W/sr
    Power consumption Operating: 30W; Standby:25 W
    Transmission distance <30 meters/16 CH
    Number of IREDs 312
    Power supply AC110V-220V ~ 50Hz-60Hz
    Dimensions 445×235×113mm
    Operating temperature range 0-40 degree
    N.W 4.2kg
    Mounting Standard: Bracket, Option: tripod

  • H-6700Y Digital Interpreter Unit
Interpreter Unit
◆ Designed by the latest technology
◆ Work with headset earphone
◆ Support 4/8/12/16/32 channel simultaneous interpretation
◆ Easy to operate, just with single press
◆ Voice adjustable and with prevention on feedback
◆ Ensure that every channel is correspondent to the RELAY function respoectively
◆ Delegates speaker to fast, give a request to flow the speed
◆ Prevention on interpreter's cough
◆ LCD can display input and output channel
  • Technical Parameter

Item Parameter
Frequency response 50Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity -42 ± 2dB
Interpreter connector interface 12P-DIN
Length of gooseneck 410mm
Dimensions 300×150×70mm
Operating temperature range 0-40 degree
N.W 1.7kg

  • H-6700D Digital IR Receiver

IR Receiver

◆ Packet size wireless handheld unit
◆ Accommodates up to 32 different languages
◆ Channel selector and headphone connector
◆ Power on/off switch and volume level control
◆ Powered by (2xAA) rechargeable batteries
◆ Aluminum carrying cases provided for recivers
◆ 2-digit LCD display with battery and reception status indication
◆ Compatible with Bosch system

  • Technical Parameter

    Item Parameter
    Receiving sensitivity -101dBM
    Angle of half sensitivity ± 50°
    Headphone output level at 2.4V 450 mVrms (Speech at maximum volume, 32 ohm headphone)
    Headphone output frequency range 20 Hz to 10 kHz
    Headphone output impedance 32 ohm
    Max. signal-to-noise ratio 78 dB(A)
    Supply voltage 1.8 to 3.6 V, nominal 2.4 V
    Power consumption at 2.4V (battery voltage) 60 mA (speech at maximum volume, 32 ohm headphone)
    Power consumption (standby) 60 mA
    Dimensions 157×49×25mm
    Operating temperature range 0-40 degree
    N.W 150g without battery

  • H-6700L Repeater
Interpreter Unit

◆ If the distance between IR transmitter and interpreter unit, or interpreter unit to the next interpreter is more than 10 meters, the sytem will need this repeater to boost the signal

  • Technical Parameter

    Items Parameter
    Consumption Rating 1.5W
    Support cable length 10 meters
    Operating temperature range 0-40 degree
    Dimension 120x40x50mm
    N.W 211g

  • H-6700CG IR Receiver Charger Case

IR Receiver Charge Case

◆ Used for charging IR receiver
◆ High efficiency switch mode
◆ Input voltage: AC110~240V/50Hz~60Hz
◆ Charges 24pcs of IR receivers per charging
◆ Dimension (mm): 455x340x320

  • Technical Parameter

    Item Parameter
    Power Supply AC110~240V/50Hz~60Hz
    Consumption Rating 66W
    Charge Quantity 24
    Charge Time About 2-2.5 hours
    Charging Status Red LED flashing-charging, Green LED-full
    Operating Temperature Range 0-40 degree
    Dimension 630x370x290mm
    Net Weight 10.5Kg

  • System Connection Diagram

    System Connection Diagram



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12 Channel Infrared Language Distribution System
Product ID: H-6300series

  • 12 Channel interpreter's voice for recording (11 foreign language + 1 original/floor language)
  • Installed in a 19-in frame
  • 6 Channel interpreter's voice for recording system (H-6360 series) is also avaliable
6 Channel Infrared Language Distribution System
Product ID: H-6360series

  • 6 Channel interpreter's voice for recording (5 foreign language + 1 original/floor language)
  • Installed in a 19-in frame
  • 6 Channel interpreter's voice for recording system is almost the same as 12 channel one (H-6300 series), only the interpreter's channel quantity difference.

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