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Categories » Public Address System » Intelligent PA System » 250 Zone Intelligent PA System

Product ID: M-2189
250 Zones Intelligent Public Address Center
250 Zones Intelligent Public Address Center
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  • Description

    ◆ 10.4" touch screen, or touch pad control
    ◆ Max 250 zones individual output
    ◆ 1-48 remote control partition paging channels
    ◆ Built-in exclusive electroacoustic program sources, background music broadcast is supported with no extra external aduio source devices
    ◆ Fire control/disastrous alarms, paging, phone calls break in automatically
    ◆ Module functions such as normal input, priority input, paging input, normal input of partition, monitoring, extend output/input modules can be selected
  • Specification

    Model M-2189
    Screen size 10.4 inches
    Control Touch pad + Touch screen
    Work environment Temperature.:5-35℃;humidity:0.75%;Pressure: 86-106kPa
    Power timer capacity Mono 2A,4 channels total 5A
    System audio N/S LINE: 75dB;  MIC: 60dB
    System audio distortion Less than 0.5% @ 1kHz; 
    System audio input levels LINE: 250mV;  MIC: 3mV
    System audio impedances LINE:10kΩ;  MIC: 600Ω
    System audio output level 0dBV
    Power supply AC 220-240V/50-60Hz/120W
    Outer Packing Size(mm) (L×W×H)575×545×445mm
    Unit Size (mm) (L×W×H)484×485×305 mm
    Gross Weight 37.6kg
    Net Weight 23.6kg
    Products 1 manual, 1 power supply cord 2 keys and 1 protecting glass
    System software Software pack, licensed

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Intelligent PA System Function Module
Product ID: Function_Module

  • Optional function modules can be selected according to different applications
  • 12 function module slots are provided on the back of each smart broadcasting center (host)
250 Zone Remote Paging Station
Product ID: M-2588

  • 7 inch LCD touch screen control
  • With 1 line audio input and 1 line audio output
  • Host partition paging function
  • Built-in bell sound
Intelligent PA System Function Extension Module Box
Product ID: M-2800

  • An extension box can install 12pcs function modules
  • Extension box is linked to the host or other extension boxes via RJ45 cable

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