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Categories » Public Address System » Network PA System » M-6182 Series IP Network PA System

Product ID: M-6401
Network Terminal Player (M-6182 series)
Network Terminal Player (M-6182 series)
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  • Description

All digital design, high fidelity audio transmission
Build-in local off-line program timing play function, timing programs backup in SD card, automatically timing play
Digital display, can display time or playing process
Can connect to M6402 broadcast control panel, achieve playing main unit programs freely
With USB input, USB audio programs can be timing played
Two network backup design, automatically LAN problem detect and network switch
EMC 24V and short circuit output port
Build-in 2*25W digital amplifier
1 AUX input, 1 MIC input, 1 AUX output
Local MIC input with mute function
4 LED indicate machine working status
8 push buttons for daily normal operation

  • Technical Parameter

    Model M6401
    AUX Input / Output Sensitivity 1000mV
    Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
    T.H.D ≤0.1%
    S/N ≥75dB
    MIC Input Sensitivity 10mV
    Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
    T.H.D ≤0.5%
    S/N ≥70dB
    MAX output power 2*25W / 4Ω
    1*50W / 8Ω
    Control mode Manual control, remote control
    Line output level 1V-1.2V
    Power supply AC 150V-250V/50-60Hz
    Dimension (mm) (L×W×H) 220×195×50
    Packing dimension (mm) (L×W×H) 330×270×125
    Net weight 1.3kg

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1000 Zone Network Public Address System Control Center
Product ID: M-6182II

  • 17" large color LCD display, touch screen and touch-pad
  • Support upto 1000 zones, any zone, any time and any audio soure play programmable
  • Zone paging avaiable from the main center and external paging terminal
  • Audio input channels extensible by network paging terminals
  • Build-in CD player and mass storeage for user choosing sound source
  • LAN installation, no need extra wiring
Network Wireless Remote Controller (M-6182 series)
Product ID: M-6419

  • LAN connection anywhere
  • Long transmission distance of wireless remote control, >1.5km in open area
  • 12 buttons control different functions from the remote controller
  • Can also control all zones audio source play and stop within one LAN
Network On-demand Terminal Player (M-6182 series)
Product ID: M-6402

  • 3.2” touch screen control, TFT true color display
  • Can choose and play main unit audio sources
  • Can receive main unit broadcasting & emergency broadcasting
  • Can receive main unit forcing paging and telephone paging, or page other zones from this terminal

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