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Product ID: PA-7005series
Wireless Public Address System
Wireless Public Address System
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  •  PA-7005 Wireless Public Address System Multifunctional Host

    ◆ Integrated with timer, MP3 player, FM tuner, data coding modulator, monitoring speaker, alarm, and microphone
    ◆ 3.2" TFT color touch screen, control all the functions (like the power switch-on and off, volume control, frenquency setup) and display all the playing status
    Frequency agility controlled by microcomputer, frequency memory and storage, real-time display all the functional perations on the screen
    ◆ Manual one-key alarm function
    ◆ Timing play function, it is able to preset the daily playing timing point and program, then the system will broadcast automatically without manual operation

    Technical Parameter

     Item  Parameter
     Output level  0dBV
     Build-in sound source  USB play, doule FM modulator
     USB decoding format  MP3, WMA
     USB capacity  16G MAX
     S/N ratio  ≥70dB (line)
     Frequency response  50Hz-20KHz (±3dB)
     T.H.D. (at 1KHz)  <1%
     Serial communication port baud rate  9600bps
     Data coding modulator  Radio frequency output  0dBm
     Radio frequency range  76-108MHz
     Double FM modulator  Frequency range  87-108Hz
     Input impedance  75Ω
     Noise limited sensitivity  ≤3μV
     Data broadcast receiving  Support RDS
     Tone range  Treble (10KHz)  ±12dB
     Bass (100Hz)  ±12dB
     Mobile phone module  CMCC 2G network, China unicom 2G
     Monitoring module  Output power 3W/8Ω; volume adjustable
     Line input sensitivity  250mV (±50mV)
     MIC input sensitivity  3mV (±2mV)
     Power supply input  AC220V (±15%)
     Power supply output  2 controllable output, total 300W
     Power consumption  10W

  • WEP9115T, 9125T Wireless Public Address System Transmitter

    wireless transmitter
    ◆ 1U Aluminum-alloy panel, LCD display
    ◆ Control up to 1000 zones through control host (PA-7005)
    ◆ 15W / 25W high-definition stereo output, long distance transmission
    ◆ Friendly display interface, easy understanding
    ◆ Transmission frequency adjustable within effective range, avoid same frequency point interference
    Transmission power adjustable, applied for different transmission distance
    ◆ Dual channel input signal level LED indicator

    Technical Parameter

     Item  Parameter
     Working temperature  -10°C ~ +50°C
     Transmission frequency range  76-108MHz
     Frequuency interval  0.1MHz
     MAX transmission power  15W / 25W
     Radio frequency output impedance  50Ω
     Mode freqneucy modulation  FM
     MAX frequency deviation  75KHz (stereo mode)
     Pre-emphasis time  50μS
     Control mode  RS232, 9600bps
     Addressing ability  1000 zone
     Channel resoluation  ≥42dB
     S/N ratio  63dB (stereo mode)
     Frequency response  20Hz - 15KHz
     Audio input impedance  10KΩ
     Audio distortion  ≤0.1%
     Control host  PA7005 host (control range of 64 zone)
     Power supply  AC220V / 50Hz

  • WEP253, 253B Wireless Public Address System Addressable Receving Terminal

    wireless receiver
    ◆ All weather outdoor waterproof design
    Wireless addressable receiving, RDS sub-carrier decoding, high-reliability encryption method
    ◆ Build-in air discharge tube absorbing high voltage and strong current, protect equipment from lightning attack
    ◆ Digital receiving, high quality sound output
    ◆ Support remote timing power-on and digital volume control by the host
    Special control protocal, ultrahigh sensitivity receiving
    Customer can set the signal receiving at fixed frequency or by tracking the transmitter frequency automatically due to the ultrahigh adaptablility
    ◆ Build-in 25W / 50W high definition power amplifier for speaker output

    ◆ Two channels line signal output, facilitating the expansion of large power amplifier
    ◆ With working status indicator lamp, facilitating determination of equipment fault
    ◆ Reserved communication port, facilitating parameter setup, maintenance and equipment upgrade
    ◆ Two way power supply via communication port, support power supply to external equipment and power supply of external equipment to local equipment
    Equipment automatically standby when no signal detected, low power consumption.

    Technical Parameter

     Item    Parameter
     FM receiving  Receiving frequency  76-108MHz
     Frequency response  40Hz - 15KHz
     S/N ratio  ≥62dB
     Receiving sensitivity  12dBuV
     Data demodulation  57KHz, RDS encoding
     Line output  Output interface  2 channel RCA
     Output level  1Vrms
     Output impedance  ≤100Ω
     Power & communication  Rated power  25W / 50W (8Ω)
     Frequency response  40Hz - 15KHz
     S/N ratio  ≥65dB
     Degree of distortion  ≤0.2%
     Mode of communication  RS232, 9600bps
     Power supply  Standby power consumption  ≤0.85W
     Full load power consumption  ≤40W / 80W
     Power supply  AC180~240V / 50Hz

  • Sample Project Connection Diagram

    system connection diagram



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